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Saffi Conical Knob

Sold in multiples of 6

Is this a miniature top hat? Is this a deluxe champagne stopper? A chess piece designed by a hyper-cool Scandinavian architect? No, it's the Bombay Duck conical knob - heavy, glamorous in softly shining metal and in a subtly intriguing shape: seen from the front it's a round, from the side, an upside-down cone. Like the Bombay Duck, itself a fish that sounds like a fowl, this is a knob that shape-shifts.

You won't find any of our range of hardware anywhere else as we design our own collection - no slapping our brand on a manufacturer's generic range. What we design and make is exactly what I would like in my own home and in some cases exactly what I have there. We use a range of different materials, rough cast metal, thick glossy enamel, brass, palmwood, resin, birch, ceramic and brass, but whatever the material, I always keep it simple and sophisticated.

  • Polished Brass
  • Diameter 2.5 x D 5 cm
  • Screw L 3.5 cm