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Bertie Enamel Frame 4x6 Inches

Sold in multiples of 4

It's hard to find an original photo frame that's just right, so I had to design it myself. I wanted classic with a twist, sophisticated, elegant, able to fit in effortlessly in any decor but solidly excellent quality. And here it is! They're reassuringly heavy in thick cast aluminium, with thick glossy enamel applied by hand to just shy of the textured gilt. They come in three sizes and a good range of colours - summery white (perfect for wedding gifts or when you don't yet know the gender of the baby you're buying for) vivid flamingo pink or soft aqua when you do, smokey dark grey and teal, which does everything navy does but with a little more pizzazz.


  • Made in India
  • Gold Electroplated, Enamel
  • Photo size H 6" x W 4" (H 15 x W 10 cm)
  • Frame H 20.5 x W 15.5 cm