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Letterpop Mini Jar Candle Starter Kit With 52 Letters

Sold in multiples of 1

Small enough you can slip these anywhere that needs a burst of colour and scent, these candles in a range of zingy bright pastels are as colourful, punchy and more-ish as a packet of Smarties plus you can use them to spell out a name or a message. Brighten up a winter's afternoon, light up an evening à deux or just add fun to a birthday table, these candles have what it takes. Their scents are equally yummy - creme caramel, bubble gum, rhubarb & custard, blueberry fool, sherbert, blancmange...

Here at Bombay Duck, we have been selling items personalised with the letters of the alphabet for 22 years. So you can trust us to know exactly what mix of letters you need in stock to ensure your sales are precisely targeted, and remainders kept to the absolute minimum. And our careful selection comes with a discount too.

This starter kit includes:
A x 4 / B x 2 / C x 2 / D x 2 / E x 3 / F x 1 / G x 2 / H x 1 / I x 1 / J x 3 / K x 4 / L x 2 / M x 4 / N x 2 / O x 1 / P x 1 / R x 2 / S x 3 / T x 2 / U x 1 / V x 1 / Y x 1 / Z x 1 and Heart x 3


  • Glass Jar with Lid
  • Soy wax 50% / Paraffin wax 50%
  • Fragrance 5%
  • Burn Time approx. 14 hours
  • Wax Weight 85g
  • H 6.5 x Diameter 6.5 cm at widest part
  • Never leave burning candles unattended, indoor use only