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Brand Values

Originality We design all of our products, making sure that they are unique to us.  A scribbled sketch, often at 4am, thinking it through, a discussion with a factory owner, trying out prototypes ourselves, revisions - it can take months to perfect a new product!  A degree of care and thought pays off through innovation and success.

Colour, design and pattern In a word, Joy! As a quick journey through our collections will show you.

Authenticity We are very proud that the vast majority of our products are still made by hand in India, using century-old methods and skills.  No compromise, no pretence.

Quality Coherent, constantly refreshed, well-edited collections.  Excellent workmanship: details you can tell are well-thought out and meticulously crafted, whether it is the lavish thickness of our enamel, the zing of an oversized pompom, or the generosity of hand embroidered patterns.

Stories We have sketched out our story and revel in the stories of the products ourselves - whether it is our handles made from mother of pearl buttons in resin that are then sanded down to reveal more, or the traditional machines that our embroiders use.

Decency Our products are the creations of teamwork with our Indian collaborators, and never in exploitation.  We are proud that our workforce is fairly paid and decently treated.  And wherever we can, we choose the greener option; from how we ship, to the dyes we use, and the 100% recycled filling of our cushions.