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India has given me so much - a business, a marriage, many friends, a home for over 20 years, so much inspiration and so many memories. In return, of course I want to give what I can to India and its people. Obviously, I try to help through the basics, ensuring everyone who works for me has decent working conditions, a fair wage and adequate medical provision, and of course helping protect the environment by recycling, lowering our carbon footprint and using the greenest materials. That’s not nearly enough though. So, through the years, Bombay Duck has taken direct action, sponsoring children through school, and recently paying for free meals for the victims of Covid in Indian society - whether the newly unemployed or families who’ve lost their breadwinner.  Now we partner with different charities who operate with maximum compassion and efficiency, and minimum fuss and administrative costs - one educating girls in India, one helping the victims of child trafficking, a soup kitchen right by our London office, a reforesting scheme run by women in Tamil Nadu and a scheme to save street children through art.

You’ll be happy to know that when you buy a happy Bombay Duck product, you’re spreading the joy.