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Letterpress Passport Cover Starter Kit with 48 Letters

Sold in multiples of 1

Add cheer and personality to your travel experience with these jolly, personalised vegan leather passport covers! Bold initials embossed in gold with a generous silver shadow, so very smart. Available in a range of bright colours with embossed gold lettering and contrast grosgrain lining.

Here at Bombay Duck, we have been selling items personalised with the letters of the alphabet for 22 years. So you can trust us to know exactly what mix of letters you need in stock to ensure your sales are precisely targeted, and remainders kept to the absolute minimum. And our careful selection comes with a discount too. It's the sensible way to buy!

This starter kit includes:
A x 4 / B x 2 / C x 3 / D x 2 / E x 3 / F x 1 / G x 2 / H x 2 / I x 1 / J x 3 / K x 4 / L x 2 / M x 4 / N x 3 / O x 1 / P x 1 / R x 2 / S x 3 / T x 2 / V x 1 / Y x 1 / Z x 1


  • Vegan Leather
  • H 14 x W 10.5 x D 0.5 cm
  • Fits a standard UK passport